The latest version of the Paramonic stuff - and definitely the last one. Basically created to test some new equipment and plugins.

Paramonic 09 (6:03) 



A remixed version of the original Paramonic´93 material. Longer and with better sound than the initial one.

Paramonic 98 (7:59) 



A Trance style song with a piano lead theme.

Othello (7:22)


Paramonic Album´93

Recorded more than 20 years ago the complete material has a really nice Lo-Fi touch.

Paramonic I (Partial)

Complete Track List:
1. Intro
2. Opener
3. Paramonic I
4. Paramonic II
5. Sleepwalker
6. The Power and the Magic
7. Whales
8. Final Experience

Paramonic Album 93

Sleepwalker (Partial)

The Power and the Magic (Partial)

The DSF* Songs

Well, this stuff does not need to be commented...nice, funny, crazy :D
Get them - enjoy them or hate them - keep them or delete them...
*DSF = Drecksaufeschd

DSF´96 (5:15)


DSF´97 (6:33)

Remix Material


Boadicea Remix (Partial)*

*Original by "Enya" from the album "The Celts"

**Remix Material "Ya Scared" by "Reissdorf Force"

***Remix Material "Fury" by "Kasha"


Nervouz Remix (Partial)**

Fury Last Minute Dance Mix (Partial)***

Edgar the Ender (is back)

There is a real story behind that piece of - shall I call it - music. But with respect to some people I should leave this story untold :-).
Created in 1991 this was my first recording I think. Almost seven minutes with only one chord... well we called this Techno.

Edgar the Ender (is back) (6:58)


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